Creation of E-commerce and Websites

Leave a mark on your customers with your website or e-commerce. Pizero Design guides you through the creation of an e-commerce and website with agile, design, and responsive characteristics.

Because an engaging and immersive customer experience is the first step for a successful online business.

“Attention to details, priority to customer’s needs, constant update on new software and mobile technologies”.

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The creation of your e-commerce starts here

Would you like to have a constant traffic form your customers to your shop? Rely on Pizero Design for the creation of a professional e-commerce 

Our team of programmers and graphic designers will listen to your concepts and get in touch with your products. All for a professional, clean, agile e-commerce made in short time.

Our skills covers your e-commerce form design to a safe electronic payment system, without overlooking the SEO part. With our e-commerce new customers will find your page, because we will get you on the top of search engine rankings!

Responsive e-commerce

A customer that visits your website is starting a journey. Let Pizero Design make the best tools for design and web programming available to get your website ready for success.

Our websites are responsive, agile, usable and highly comprehensible. Our professionalism is based on an experienced management for websites and on an informed management of brand identity.

WordPress e-commerce

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world: safe, flexible and complete, it is also supported by its huge community of developers that everyday contributes to make it better.

With over 10 years of experience on WordPress we can make captivating websites with advanced functionalities

And thanks to Woocommerce we can make your website into an online shop with advanced characteristics: delivery system management, time-based offers, discount codes, multi-language e-commerce, variable products, e much more.

4 steps for a successful e-commerce and websites

Upon contacting us we will arrange for you a free meeting without obligation. If you entrust us the job, as an initial phase we will exchange some useful informations in order to create your e-commerce or website  in order to define your needs and to set the consultation. In this way we will try to understand better your business, your products or your goals

Once the project is approved we will start developing your e-commerce, briefing you during one or more phases of the project.

Usually in this phase our Client will send us feedbacks so that we can use them to finalize the work.

Once the development is terminated we will send you a beta version of your site, so that you can test it before the release.

Your website / e-commerce is ready! At this point we will proceed with the launching and giving you the necessary support and know-how for this phase. 

Our work does not conclude after the website has gone live! We can, if needed, help you through the next phase and to promote your new e-commerce and help you on managing the budget for advertisement to keep your website popular. In addition we will provide you extra data and statistics, and we analyze them with you to understand how to increase conversions and thus the sales

Maintenance and Customer support

The creation of websites and e-commerce starts with your idea, but it does not end with the delivery of it. We are still on disposal for a constant support, for content production for the blog, or for advertisement. 

We are always reachable by any means you prefer, phone or message apps.

Just tell us what you need!

The best solutions for your e-commerce

In creating your e-commerce and websites we only use the best solutions on the market:

  • Design responsive
  • WordPress websites
  • Woocommerce and Shopify for E-commerce
  • Customer Service with Chatbots
  • Programming with Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Laravel and much more
  • Creation of advanced and highly customizable e-commere
  • Electronic payments integration with Credit Cards, Paypal and Stripe
  • Big Data and Analytics integration
  • Google Ads campaign
  • Facebook Ads campaign
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